Dapper treats customer privacy as important and respects and guards customers’ rights. We only collect information from you to ensure your orders are placed successfully on this website. Appropriate measures are in place to keep your information confidential and we do not share or pass on information except where it may be necessary to do so to ensure your order can be fulfilled. We guarantee that our customer database will not be sold or marketed for any reason whatsoever to third parties. 

Dapper websites may contain links to websites operated by third parties and these websites should contain their own privacy policies. Thus, Dapper makes no guarantees in respect to how your information may be used in these third parties websites. 

Dapper is the owner of information that is submitted and by submitting any of your information you are consenting to the storage and where applicable retrieval of your information so submitted for the purposes set out herein. 


Dapper may collect the following personal information from users of the website when the user visits the website, registers, place an order online, contacts Dapper or participates in Dapper promotions or questionnaires, which may include :-

  1. Name 

  2. Gender 

  3. National registration identity card number (I/C) 

  4. Race and religious beliefs

  5. Postal address and telephone number 

  6. Email address 

  7. Contact preference 

  8. Credit/ Debit card or bank account information

  9. Other personal data relevant to registration and/or provisioning of your account, surveys, promotions and/or other purpose.

How Does Dapper Use My Personal Data

We use the information that we collect to improve the content of our website by incorporating information that is relevant to our customers, to notify customers about updates to our website, to contact customers for marketing and sales purposes that are related specifically to their needs and interests and to communicate with us. This information is not shared with other organizations for any reason, commercial or business, without your prior explicit consent. 

By accessing this website and/or clicking the corresponding box, you expressly, freely and unequivocally accept that your details will be treated/used by Dapper for 

the following purposes : 

  1. Improve the shopping experience 

  2. For marketing and promotional activities, market survey, trend and statistical analysis

  3. Process your online orders, including the sending of emails and/or messages to inform you of delivery status

  4. Process order  returns and refunds

  5. Manage your account at

  6. Contact you if there is any problem with any of your orders or for other logistical reason

  7. Respond to your queries

  8. Send you commercial information by email, SMS or MMS to inform you of our new products, new store location, special offers and news relating to the Website and/or Dapper and its affiliated companies in general, Newsletters and catalogues.

  9. For the maintenance and upkeep of customer records

  10. For handling the report for lost item, customer complaints and taking appropriate action 

Dapper reserves the right to modify or remove portions of this privacy policy at any time and this Privacy Policy should be read with the other terms and conditions applicable to the use of this website. Any conditions that are not enforceable, void or invalid shall be deemed severable here from and all other conditions remaining shall be enforceable and valid.